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The girl who beat ISIS : Farida's story

Khalaf, Farida2016
In August 2014, Farida Abbas was just a normal Yazidi girl, living in a village high in the mountains of northern Iraq. Then her village was attacked and swiftly taken by ISIS fighters, and her whole world changed. The jihadists murdered the men and the boys of her village, including her father and brothers, before taking Farida prisoner along with the rest of the women. This is the story of what happened to Farida after she was captured: the beatings, the rapes, the markets where ISIS sold their female prisoners like cattle, and Farida's realisation that the more difficult and resistant she became, the harder it was for her captors to continue their atrocities against her. So she struggled, she bit, she kicked, she accused her captors of going against their religion, and then, one day, the door to her room was left unlocked. She took her chance, along with 5 other women, and set out across the Syrian desert.
Main title:
The girl who beat ISIS : Farida's story / Farida Khalaf with Andrea C. Hoffmann ; translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch.
London : Square Peg, 2016.
204 pages : map (black and white) ; 24 cm
English Pen Award
9781910931011 (hbk)
Dewey class:
299.159092B KHA920 KHALB KHA KHA920920 KHALb KHA299.159092 KHAB KHA HOF
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